August 1, 2013: Strengthening Publicly and Privately Funded Long-Term Services and Supports

The federal Commission on Long-Term Care held its third public hearing on the topic: “Strengthening Publicly and Privately Funded Long-Term Services and Supports.” The hearing was held on Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 8:30 am EDT in SD-562 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

The Commission heard testimony from four panels of witnesses.  Links to the written testimony and presentations of the panelists are provided below:

Panel 1: Strengthening Medicaid LTSS

  • Diane Rowland, MACPAC
  • Patti Killingsworth, TennCare
  • Gary Alexander, formerly Rhode Island Office of Health and Human Services
  • Melanie Bella, CMS, Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office

Panel 2: Strengthening Medicare for LTSS

  • Joseph Antos, American Enterprise Institute
  • Barbara Gage, Brookings Institute
  • Marilyn Moon, American Institute for Research

Panel 3: Strengthening Private Long-Term Care Insurance

  • David Grabowski, Harvard Medical School
  • Lane Kent, formerly Univita
  • Jason Brown, US Treasury
  • Bonnie Burns, California Health Advocates

Panel 4: Interaction of Insurance, Private Resources, and Medicaid

  • Eric French, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Jeffrey Brown, University of Illinois
  • Rich Johnson, Urban Institute
  • Ellen O’Brien, formerly MACPAC


Testimony and Presentations:


What would strengthen Medicaid Long-Term Services and Supports?
Testimony of Diane Rowland, Sc. D.


What would strengthen Medicaid LTSS
Testimony of Patti Killingsworth


Strengthening Medicaid LTSS
Testimony of Gary D. Alexander


What Would Strengthen Medicaid LTSS?
Testimony of Melanie Bella


Medicare’s Role in Financing Long-Term Care
Testimony of Joseph R. Antos, Ph.D.


Strengthening Medicare to Strengthen the Publicly and Privately Funded LTSS
Or Taking Care of the High Cost, LTC Populations Under Medicare
Testimony of Barbara Gage, Phd


Medicare and Long Term Care
Testimony of Marilyn Moon


Expanding Private Long-Term Care Insurance
Testimony of David C. Grabowski


Testimony of Lane B. Kent


Combination Long-Term Care Products
Testimony of Jason Brown


Testimony of Bonnie Burns


Medicaid Insurance in Old Age
Testimony of Eric French


Why is the Market for Long-Term Care Insurance so Small?
Testimony of Prof. Jeffrey R. Brown


Income and Wealth of Older Adults Receiving Long-Term Services and Supports
Testimony of Richard W. Johnson


Interaction of Insurance, Private Resources, and Medicaid: Assessing the Evidence
Ellen O’Brien, Ph.D.